Gate Systems and Access Control

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We can design, fabricate, and install gates, fences, and railings and our speciality is the automation of gates. We are well known for our quality of installation in CCTV and IT networking and Gate automation is no different. We only use the best quality components to deliver the best operation, safety and functionality to our customers. Our preference is to install Roger Technology Digital Brushless motors on our installations. This does come at additional costs but we believe in giving our customers a higher quality installation, Longer warranty than our competitors and many years of problem free service from their gates. We offer 3 year warranty with our gate motor installations to give you peace of mind.

In a study completed by Gate-Safe 90% of automated gates are unsafe. This doesn’t mean that every gate is a constant risk of injury or death, but what it does mean is that most of these gates have no fail safe should a safety mechanism fail. Or these gates could potentially hurt someone if they were interfeared with during operation.
You might think “it's only me that use the gate, and we are in our car when we open or close it” but are you really?
The most recent deaths involved in unsafe gates are when they are put into manual operation and the gates have fallen on their victims. Having safe gates starts with the design, then correct automation choice, and then finally the right safety devices. If you have a poorly designed and installed gate, it is then harder and more work to make it safe, this is where we try and resolve these issues for you with an existing system. In some cases this may not be possible and the only way to resolve it is to replace the gates and automation with an entirely new safe designed one or disable the existing gates from operation.

If you have an existing gate system installed and need some help, we service all types of automated gate system, from small domestic gates to large industrial gates, we do it all. We also offer a gate Service plan to help spread the cost of maintaining your gate in the future.

Access Control is a key part of any security system whether it be for business, or at home. Adding electronic locks and intercoms require the right design and planning less they undermine the very security you were hoping to add. We can guide you through all your available solutions, and help you get the right system for your property.

We look after intercoms and access control for lots of properties across London and the South east for a number of management companies, that rely on us not just for their installation but also for servicing. Previously they had lots of tenant complaints regarding the quality of their intercoms and costly repair bills. Since switching to Charged, we have serviced their existing units solved their ongoing issues, improving tenant experience and lowering their overall spend on intercoms.